Hangar ground work, North General Aviation Apron (For new 10 unit aircraft T-Hangar) – Due to be complete Summer 2018


Proposed – Aircraft T-Hangar, 10 unit – Proposed to be complete Winter 2019




Runway 17 – Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI) – Completed Summer 2018


Airport Remote Transmitter (RTR) – Completed Summer 2018


Runway 35/17 and Taxiway system removal and replacing of airfield painting and striping – Due to be complete January 2017 – Complete Spring 2017


Corporate Hangar #2, Tunica Air Center – Complete Fall 2015


General Aviation Ramp/Apron Expansion – Complete Spring 2015


Jet Bridge Installation – Completed Winter 2010.


Terminal Phase 1 – Completed Fall 2010.


North Commercial Aircraft Apron Expansion – Completed May 2010.


ARFF (Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting) Facility – Completed April 2010. Funding provided by the American Recovery Act of 2009 

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Building

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Bay Doors


Ground Preparation and Utility Support Installation for New Passenger Terminal Facility Roadway Infrastructure to Support New Passenger Terminal Facility – Completed Fall 2009

New Passenger Terminal Facility Roadway





Main Passenger Terminal Facility Expansion – Construction Dates TBD

Expansion 1

Expansion 2