Fall Fest Q&A



Does It Cost Anything To Attend?
Yes, but we are accepting donations (whatever you want to donate) as admission, children under 5 are free. Proceeds benefit The Honor Flight Mid-South Organization. This is an Organization that honors our WWI Veterans by flying them to their WWI Memorial in Washington DC as part of their service and sacrifice. For more information about Honor Flight, please visit their website at www.HonorFlightMidSouth.com


Do You Accept Credit Cards?
Yes. Credit cards will be accepted. We also accept cash. However will not accept any personal checks.


Will You Have An ATM Machine?
Yes, we will have one on site in the Tunica Air Center FBO.


What Is There To Do?
There is plenty to do in addition to aviation enthusiasts. We will also have arts and craft vendors, food vendors, a car show and music (music starts at 11:00 am). There are no flying schedules, no programs, and no expectations.  People show up, look at airplanes, talk to other pilots, hang out and eat.


If I’m Flying In, Are There Special Procedures I Should Follow?
Yes, these will be published on our website. Please visit the website prior to arrival. We request that most aircraft start arriving (about 7:30am) prior to the doors opening at 9:00am. Please be sure to check back and visit www.tunicaairport.com/fallfest/flyin


What Will I See?
That just depends.  We do not schedule any special appearances or pay any attendance fees for aircraft that fly in.  Those attending are doing so because they love aviation and flying.  So, it is always a surprise to everyone.  But, if the weather is good, you can be sure to see a wide variety of general aviation, antique, and classic aircraft.


Is It A Fly-In Or An Airshow?
A fly-in is an event normally held at an airport where pilots are invited to fly their aircraft to put it on display for visitors and fellow pilots to view.  Additionally, pilots love coming to fly-ins where there is Food, Fun, and Fellowship and is often compared to a car show. An airshow is an event at which aviators display their flying skills and the capabilities of their flying machines to spectators. Often the airspace is closed during these times of display so that general aviation aircraft can not get into or out of the airport. This is considered a fly-in event and NOT an airshow.


When Can I Arrive?
Aircraft are welcome at any time.  However, if flyers plan on arriving prior to the event doors opening at 9:00 am there is no need to contact us in advance. If you fly in on Friday or any day prior to the event and need assistance with hotel or ground transportation reservations, please contact the Tunica Air Center at 662-357-7330 as soon as possible, they will be happy to assist you.

For those driving in as part of the Car Show displays, please try and be in before the general doors open at 9:00 am. We request that the car show participants check-in at Gate #1 (Between the Tunica Air Center and the Covington Aircraft Hangar) on the airport so that we can park your vehicle on the airside area of the event. Requests to leave early must be coordinated to exit the airport property safely.

General Admission GATE for spectator Drive-In’s is 9am to 5pm. Parking attendants will be available to assist you with parking. Parking will be located in grassy areas in the front of the airport. Handicap parking will be available (with valid handicap parking permits).


Will there be food and drink for sale? 
Yes, We will have various vendors with a variety of food options.


Will There Be Fuel Available? 
Yes, the Tunica Air Center will be offering fuel discounts for everyone that flies in and needs fuel. Please check in at the Tunica Air Center Front desk to request fuel.


Who Can Attend?
All aircraft, car show enthusiasts, and the general public are welcome.


Are Children Welcome?
Absolutely, but unattended children will be given espresso and a free puppy before being returned to their parents.


Can I Drive In?
Absolutely, although this is a fly-in, we encourage anyone and everyone to attend.  We do have car parking in a field on the airport.


Do You Offer Airplane Rides During The Fly-In?
Yes and No. EAA Chapter 182 from Memphis, will be hosting a young eagle’s event. Giving the youth an opportunity to fly in an aircraft at no cost. There will be a limit of 50 kids. A parent or Guardian must be present to sign the appropriate paperwork. For more information, please email fallfest@tunicaairport.net. A Young Eagles Coordinator will be happy to assist with better information on when to show up for your child’s flight time.

Unfortunately, there will not be any other general public rides available.


Do You Have Handicap Facilities?
Yes we do, we are able to accommodate people with disabilities. We will be offering special parking as close as possible to the event (With appropriate Handicap Parking Permits).  A drop off area for the elderly or limited mobility individuals will also be available but the vehicle will be parked in the parking areas. We will also provide a handicap accessible port-a-potty facility.


Is There Wifi? What about Charging Stations?
There is public WiFi on the airfield, but because of the anticipation of the amounts of patrons that will be attending the speeds will more than likely be dramatically reduced. Charging your device can be done in the Tunica Air Center FBO.


Can I Bring My Pet?
Yes, We love animals, but all pets must be on a leash at all times. We request that you pick up after your pets and dispose properly.


Is There Smoking Allowed At The Airport?
NO. Aircraft fuel is highly flammable as are the composition materials of older aircraft.  There is NO SMOKING on the ramp. By not following smoking policies, you may be removed from the aircraft static areas. Someone WILL be watching for offenders. This rule is not only for everyone’s safety but it is also an FAA regulation. Smoking areas are on the street side of the airport.


Can I Bring A Cooler?
No. We kindly request that coolers not be brought into the event.


Will There Be Transportation To And From The Motels?
No, not on Saturday during the event, we just don’t have the manpower to accommodate these requests.


What If The Weather Is Bad?
Ans: If it looks questionable, check the website to see if it has been postponed. Our decision will be posted by 10PM (Central) Friday Night. The rain date is Sunday October 18, the next day.


Can I Pass Out Flyers Or Advertise My Event, Group, Or Business?
Ans: As our list of sponsors grow along with the event, we are sure that you will understand that we have to limit advertising, promotions, and flyers to those that have made a commitment to helping US grow YOUR aviation event.  If you wish to solicit, sell, or advertise ask us about our Sponsor and Vendor opportunities. Out of respect for us and our vendors and sponsor we would hope no one would show up and try to promote or sell something without making an appropriate contribution to the event.


What Is The Airport Code Of Conduct?
1. Please DO NOT touch any airplane without the owner’s permission
2. Walk behind aircraft . . . NOT in front
3. Stay away from propellers
4. Pedestrians will be allowed on the ramp areas only, NO pedestrian will be allowed to enter the taxiways or runways.

5. NO SMOKING on apron areas
6. Pets must be on leashes
7. By attending . . . you waive all liability and claims against owners
8. Have FUN!