Fall Fest 2015 – Fly-In Information

We want to welcome you to be a part of the Fall Fest 2015 Fly-In a the Tunica Airport KUTA. 

This is a flying event as we encourage flying, talk to the pilots, make new friends or renew an old friendship while enjoying live music, great food and arts and crafts.  This fly-in is shaping up to be a great event, weather pending of course. 

Fuel discounts will be offered for fly-in participants.

As you land and taxi to the Tunica Air Center FBO, ramp personnel will guide you to the shut down staging area, then tow or manually assist you to your static spot on the airport. We request that upon startup and departure you move to the startup staging area so that we can have a safe ramp environment among the general public.

Contact us via unicom 123.00 when you arrive.

What would make it better if you come out and enjoy it with us! Happy Flying!