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In advance, The Tunica Airport appreciates you in assisting us and local community in the unfortunate event of a real disaster. The purpose is to provide and exercise front line response to all emergencies at the airport. This exercise will provide an opportunity for the Tunica Airport fire department, Tunica County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and local emergency response agencies to coordinate and support airport operations and emergency response. Your vital roles in assisting us as an airport patron will aide us in the overall preparation of response efforts.


When: The mock disaster will be sometime in June 2018. A rain date has not been set. The exercise will commence rain or shine.


How to sign up: Please visit our exercise webpage at


Where: Volunteers are requested to check in at a place to be determined,  between 8:00a.m. and 9:00a.m on the day of the exercise. The check in location is located in the main community area. Plenty of vehicle parking is available. Busses will be provided to transport you to the airport mock disaster site after check in.


What to Wear: Please wear comfortable clothes, jeans, capris, shorts and T‐Shirts. You may get a little dirty.


My role?: You will be a patron of the airport and act as a passenger just as you would be boarding an aircraft. Upon check in you will receive a card that will indicate your medical condition (Broken bones, general wounds, mental alert status, causality status etc…). Dressing and acting the part is encouraged. Moulage (Injury simulation) is also encouraged.


What to Expect: Depending on your simulated medical condition you may be transported via ambulance or via mass medical transport back to our simulated hospital. For hospital transport exercise purposes you will be returned back to a determined location. You may have to endure laying and sitting on the ground, be lifted and carried and physically assessed by medial and first responder personnel. After the initial response alarm has been broadcasted, all coordinated emergency response will arrive in mass to include fire response, law enforcement, medical and emergency management resources. Triage priorities will be established then transported accordingly to the simulated hospital.


How do I get back home?: If your simulated medical condition does not require you to be immediately transported back to the simulated hospital, transportation will be provided back to your original check in point (where your personal vehicle is located).


Lunch and Refreshments: As a small token for your participation, a boxed lunch will be provided upon arrival back to the Presidents Building. Refreshments will also be provided on site by the American Red Cross.


General Information:

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Exercise general information hotline 662‐357‐7320 opt 4